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CSI Group is a team of international experts in digital forensics and cybersecurity
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We carry out investigations at the request of courts, lawyers, law firms and commercial organisations
Compare the software and its source code to determine if it was modified or adapted
Intellectual rights dispute
Extract, acquire and analize electronic data from smartphones, laptops, servers and other digital devices
Criminal case
Capture and analyse electronic information on corporate devices and servers to prove excessive usage, diversion of assets from the company
Corporate fraud
Examine corporate computers, security logs and user’s activity logs to confirm ciolations of internal policies, terms of the employment contracts and laws.
Labour dispute
Determine what data has been accessed without authorisation. Establish the chronology and reasons for the leak
Data leakage
Perform incident responce by producing digital forensic triage of desktops, servers, smartphones, restoring a data breach timeline and find out the cause of the incident
Examine electronic correspondence and documents to confirm their genuineness, lack of evidence of alteration, as well as admission them to the case file
Arbitration procedure
Determine connection between the creditor and the debtor, signs of affiliation, presence of conflict of interest
Collect electronic data, process it, make eDiscovery of relevant information and produce disclosure for a court of any jurisdiction
Case in a foreign jurisdiction
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Our specialization solves complicated, unique cases in digital forensics
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Info about the file that describes its unique characteristics, such as date of creation, discovery, modification, author, origin, etc.
Information security of organizations for compliance with international and local standards
PCs, mobile devices, servers, malware and computer networks
Digital communications in e-mails, messengers etc
Any digital gadgets that can store and transfer electronic data
Electronic files and media files, their metadata*
Software features, compliance with the terms of software development contract
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Digital forensics and corporate investigations
Ivestigations ordered by a court or relevant police officer
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Conducting investigation and preparing a report
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Signing NDA
Our expert opinions have been used to resolve disputes in Russia, CIS, Europe, USA & South Asia
Digital investigation of fraud involving the theft from a company account funds
Preparing legal explanations for the court on the specifics of online services operation
Review upon the opinion of governmental experts on the software compliance with the requirements of the terms of reference
Collecting and preparing e-data for disclosure to the London Court of Arbitration
Investigation into leaks of confidential information at a major computer hardware manufacturer
Computer forensic investigation in a trading platform fraud case

Know more about some of our completed cases

Know more about some of our completed cases

The betting organization had computers on which visitors could place instant bets. The investigation considered the software on these computers to be gambling (according to the Federal Law of 29 December 2006 No. 244-FL "On State Regulation of Gambling Activities and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation".

Aim: Determine whether random number counters/random number allocators are present in the software or hardware

Solution: Investigation plan was set up, software testing and experiments were conducted in parallel in the course of the case progress, examination of the hardware of the devices and software code was conducted

Result: The expert opinion proved the legality of the company's activities, avoiding criminal and administrative liability as well as financial and reputation losses.
An employee in a Moscow office unbeknownst to his security officer placed corporate network-attached storage (NAS) at his home via a home network with a static IP address. As a result, the NAS was attacked successfully and leaked confidential information.

Aim: Conduct a full forensics investigation into the incident and determine a list of compromised confidential information

Solution: Conducted a forensic investigation of the NAS, analyzed available event logs, and determined the date and time of network access attempts. Also identified the credentials used to access the storage. All available information from the device was loaded into the eDiscovery platform for further analysis and classification into confidentiality types.

Result: Recreated a scenario of unauthorized access to the NAS. Identified the IP addresses from which remote connections to the NAS were made. The compromised data was subjected to an assessment of legally protected information such as personal company and clients' trade secrets and other types of confidential information. The assessment avoided regulatory penalties
Addressing a major international pharmaceutical company in a dispute with the LCIA

Aim: To collect and uncover electronic data from corporate servers located in the company's representative office in Russia

Solution: Forensic images of electronic data from file stores were collected. Processed the data collected and uploaded it to the eDiscovery platform. Relevance analysis of the documents was done. Exported relevant documents from the platform to submit to client for court.

Result: The client was able to successfully satisfy the tribunal disclosure requirements. The electronic evidence disclosed in the course of the project helped to close the dispute in the client's interest

In an arbitral dispute, the court was misled by one of the parties as to the operation of online services for saving web page images

Aim: to explain to the court the technical side of such services and related features of proving the existence and absence of information on the web page in the past

Solution: we've prepared a report explaining in detail how and similar services including cache search engines work. The team explains to the report how the service works in terms of creating, ranking, and storing web page snapshots.

Result: the expert opinion enabled the defense to prove the plaintiffs' claims were unfounded and win the case
The defense lawyers requested CSI Group to prepare a review of 3 forensic examinations performed by government experts in an ongoing criminal case of fraud in the execution of a government contract

Aim: To prepare a review of 3 forensic examinations performed by government experts in an ongoing criminal case of fraud in the execution of a government contract

Solution: Performed a detailed examination of the experts' conclusions, their methodology, approaches, and objectivity of the results

Result: identified inaccuracy and bias in the findings of the government experts. Won the defense and reduced the compensation by ₽90,000,000
The victim was trading currencies on the Forex exchange and the trading was done through a specialised software/service that allowed him to deposit, withdraw and trade currencies. After losing several million rubles in the process, a man turned to the police claiming that the software and service did not allow him to trade on the Forex exchange and it was all a fraud and in fact, all the money is owned by the organization.

Aim: To find out if the software provided access to Forex trading. Whether the software was used from the victim's computer. Was there any deposit/withdrawal from the victim's account on the service.

Solution: Analysis of data storage devices used in the laptop and the info in the user's personal account. Examined available event logs, data on network connections, and connections to resources on the Internet

Result: Categorical conclusion was made that the software and its servers interacted with the Forex marketplace. It helped resolve the case and prove the groundlessness of accusations made by the claimant, preventing prosecution of the company and its employees and avoiding direct financial and reputational damage.
The team of CSI Group consists of highly-qualified digital forensic and cybersecurity professionals
Graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Intellectual Property Management
Ilya Chudnyi
Participate in Digital Forensics and Incident Responce projects since 2016
Digital Forensics expert
Graduate and trainer of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Digital Forensic Science
Participate in Digital Forensics and Incident Responce projects since 2017
Digital Forensics specialist
Petr Pokamestov
Graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Faculty of Digital Forensic Science
Participate in Digital Forensics and Incident Responce projects since 2014
Digital Forensics expert
Yan Gorodeckiy
17 years experience in digital forensics, eDiscovery and cyber security
Master in cybersecurity and digital forensics
Executive Director
Alexander Pisemskiy
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